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GoPro Hero 10 The Wait is Over

Well folks, action cam video giant GoPro just released the brand new GoPro Hero 10! I won’t lie I have moved away from the GoPro line up for a while as I didn’t see the big improvements or advancements in the lineups that they were producing.

Next month I will have an unreal opportunity to go face to face with JAWS! Well maybe not Jaws, but I will be sharing the cold South Africa waters with these magnificent animals. I bring this side topic up only in part that I really felt I needed to upgrade my action Cam for the trip so the research started!

Fun Fact: Great whites are the largest predatory fish on Earth. They grow to an average of 15 feet in length, though specimens exceeding 20 feet and weighing up to 5,000 pounds have been recorded! Okay back to the topic at hand, is the GoPro Hero 10 worth buying? To get to the point, Yes. Okay there, blog over no need to read any further…

For those who don’t take my word for it, here are some of my top reasons the GoPro Hero 10 is worth the purchase:

1. GoPro has basically doubled everything over the previous model including: 4k video at 120x fps, 5.3k at 60 fps or if you still want the simple 1080 vid, the Hero 10 does this at 270 fps which will satisfy all the slow-motion creamy effects that video editors demand these days.

2. Unreal Stability: Okay I know that these cameras are usually tested under “ideal conditions” but the Hero 10 is absolutely unreal when it comes to video stabilization. To make this simple, GoPro has said that the 10 has the ability to film in 5.3k with the built in “Hypersmooth 4” but it gets better. So if you fill in 5.3k at 30 fps with this stabilization and then produce a cropped 4k or 1080 and you have the most stable video over produced in action sports. Wham!

3. Responsiveness: The one thing I can’t tolerate these days is wait times… with all the social distancing and need for waiting in line-ups anywhere my tolerance is at an all-time low for waiting upon non-responsive items. GoPro has obviously listened to the consumers, because the lag time in the last models screen responsiveness was… well, less then great. GoPro has provided a new processor upgrade in the Hero 10, which in real world terms competes with your iPhone 13 responsiveness! (Disclaimer: for all the fact checkers out there, I have no idea what the iPhone 12 responsiveness is like)

4. Hydrophobic Lens: No more licking the screen before heading underwater (cue Jaws music) as with the previous models, in order to prevent water on the lens. GoPro has provided the Hero 10 with a “Hydrophobic” lens which means no more licking your camera, oh and actually pretty awesome underwater footage without the dreaded water drops!

5. Still Image Improvements: Okay I truly believe that if you’re going somewhere epic and want to take a still image, there are plenty of better options then using a GoPro for this process. But, the Hero 10 does allow the user to pull 19.6 mpx stills from your 5.3k video which is really freaking awesome! I can already see all the epic mountain skylines from the snowmobile nations! What does 19.6 mpx mean in the real world you ask, let’s say that your Instagram and Facebook accounts should be flooded with epic selfies and still shots from your GoPro without difficulty.

Basically my final thoughts are that the GoPro Hero 10 is currently the best action camera on the market. They have taking some serious improvement steps, and I think the upgrade is certainly worth the purchase. If you have the Hero 9, maybe the bank account might dictate if it’s in the cards for you or not, but if you want those epic selfies or need the image stabilization then it’s a no brainer. Obviously there are additional changes that GoPro has made, but if you’re going to get all technical you can simply go read the specs on the website here:

Other helpful links related to the GoPro Hero 10:




Okay and now the real question that you want to know, where am I going shark diving? Well stay tuned and more follow ups to come both on the GoPro Hero 10's capabilities underwater and Shark Diving in South Africa. Additional information will be made available through my Blog Post, vLog and Youtube videos!!! This is going to be so EPIC!

Author: Tyler is an adventure enthusiast and lifestyle photographer based on Vancouver Island, Canada


Instagram: tangosierraphotography

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